Fire Suppression

Business today utilize technology and IT equipment like never before. With this often comes heavy financial investment and huge liability if and when things go wrong. For that reason, many business owners have chosen to protect their expensive, business critical assets from the damaging effects of Fire by installing a specifically designed suppression system. Whether an IT Date room, Automated machinery on the production floor, or to cover some specific risk within a business process, Fire Suppression has become a trusted means of protecting businesses and their assets. All Suppression systems work on similar principles, ie, having a negative effect on the fire triangle so as to have a positive effect on the risk. However, the mediums used, the sensitivity of the design criteria, the application of the medium onto the risk and the means by which we monitor and detect can vary greatly. This is where it is vital that the service provider chosen to Install, service and maintain these systems has a depth of knowledge and understanding.

EDS Fire Protection Ltd retains the skills of many trained and time served engineers. With our affiliation with the leading industry bodies, we are constantly keeping up to date with legislation changes, systems, manufacturers and technology advancements to be in a position to best help and advise you with your suppression needs.

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