Passive Fire protection

Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of fire safety within any building yet one of the most overlooked is Passive protection. Passive Fire Protection as the name suggests, are facets of your building which do not take an active part in the building safety on a daily basis but remain in place , passively, ready to react when a fire strikes. These includes features such as Fire Doors, Fire Dampers, Fire & Smoke Curtains, Compartmentation walls, fire break curtains in ceiling voids, etc. All of these elements work on their reaction to the presence of heat and smoke and perform a vital step in containing and slowing down the spread of fire and smoke through the buildings compartments and structure.

As the passive features are only ever needed when there is a fire, it is vitally important that they are installed correctly, and equally important is the annual service and maintenance. Left untouched, any issues caused by time, use and fair wear and tear could go unnoticed and have a negative effect on the effectiveness of the protection. EDS Fire Protection Ltd offer a full and complete service for your Passive fire protection needs. Whether that's annual Fire Door inspections and reports, Annual Fire Damper Inspections or Installing new Fire Door sets, we can offer a full and complete service for the life of the door, freeing you to focus on your business and trusting us to manage the safety of your premises.

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