Risk Assessments & Training

Since the introduction of the Regulatory Reform Order, or Fire Safety Order came into effect in 2006, Fire Risk Assessments have become an integral part of managing fire safety within businesses and premises.


Historically, The Fire Brigade would visit your business and if they felt your building was safe, they would issue you with a fire safety certificate, which we now refer to as a Prescriptive approach. However, since 2006, the industry has moved to a Risk based approach, Following the Health and safety at work Act format.


This means that the responsibility for completing and regularly reviewing the Fire Risk Assessments, as well as having a structured plan for addressing any issues highlighted within,  is now placed solely with business and property owners to complete.

At EDS Fire Protection, we realise that Carrying out Fire Risk Assessments are not what your business does, yet they are something your business needs. We offer a full In House Fire Risk Assessment service where we come to your premises, assess the building, the business processes, the risks associated with the business, the people at risk and what is in place to remove or reduce the risk.


This is then formatted into a report which clearly shows the findings along with picture evidence to support. A structured action list is also generated to show you at management level what actions you need to take and within what period of time these should be completed. All of this is designed to save you time, whilst meeting your obligations as business/Property owners and to keep you clear in the picture of what is required and where.

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